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Idera Online Backup

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Idera Online Backup is an automated self-managed service for customers to backup data on their servelets and/or dedicated servers hosted in SimplerCloud, to an online backup storage server provided by SimplerCloud.

Upon creation of the online backup account, customers will be given username and password to access the Online Backup portal. Installation of the backup agent on the servelet, creation of “disk-safe” and setting up backup policy can be done easily through the Online Backup Portal.

- Backup of multiple servelets into one single account

- Faster backup using CDP (Continuous Data Protection) technology

- Flexibility with solutions for every size and type of servelets and dedicated servers.

- Easy and quick restoration from the Online Backup Portal

- Using advanced technology from Idera (previously known as R1Soft)

- Support different type of OSes: Linux and Windows


Fee: $49/mth - 150 GB

Add 100 GB Space - $25/mth

Add additional servelet - $10/mth

$49.00 USD / Monthly $588.00 USD / Annually