SimplerCloud Pte Ltd


Technical Support Policy

Your SimplerCloud Servelets and Virtual Private Cloud plans are 100% self-manageable VM services. The infrastructure is very easy-to-use and you can install and administer it just like physical hardware. You will have the root password to do so.

SimplerCloud is responsible for the cloud infrastructure, resources, network and architecture. The servelets are to be self-managed by customers. You may also refer to our Customer Agreement page to find out more.

Cloud Architecture Notifications

We provide urgent updates about our cloud architecture or network downtime through our Twitter social media account.  

Server Management Notes

Managing your own servelet includes taking care of the following, as these things are not included with your servelet or VPC purchase by default.

1) Backup

2) Running your own server patches or upgrades

3) Monitoring all server uptime, including web, database, application and web page uptime

4) Checking for and fixing viruses, exploits, malware in your server. 

5) Checking any errors that occur in your server

Add-On Assistance

We can provide many of the above tasks through our System Administration plans. You can contact us with a specific request by opening a support ticket with a description of the work that you need done.